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How to prevent Freezer Burn when using a Vacuum Sealer

There are few things that will ruin your meal as quickly as pulling a bag out of the freezer only to find that freezer burn has taken place. Not only does freezer burn alter the taste of your food, but it

The History Behind The Modern Vacuum Sealer

The history of using a vacuum to pack, store and preserve food begins in the 1940’s with the invention of the first industrial-grade vacuum sealing devices. Smaller units that were intended for home-use were first created by a German inventor named

How to Use Your Vacuum Sealer to Seal Jars

Thomas – ThePrinceLA writer and I have had years of cooking experience as a chef in various restaurants. He said: you can store food, keep it healthy, tasty, and safe, and how you can save you money too, with a product

How Vacuum Sealers Can Reduce Food Waste

It’s scary to think about how much food is wasted when there are so many people that don’t get enough to eat each day. Most people tend to take food for granted. We expect restaurants and supermarkets to deliver the best